Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Reasons For Visiting The World's Highest Waterfall, Angel Falls

Venezuela is a beautiful country, with its forests, dry grasses, tepui flat top, and beautiful beaches. It is through hard times recently with the government, but I think it's always worth a visit to find out what it offers. I was in the delivery of all types, see a great loss the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes fame. He has a book on one of the most famous dishes tepui carrier or where plants and animals were separated at the top of the world because of soil erosion in the vicinity, and grow their own from time to time in native species found elsewhere. In his book, took an expedition to the top of dinosaurs tepui, very interesting!

Mount Roraima is the name of the mountain we climbed our way, but unfortunately did not find any dinosaur up there! Not to say that they were not there ... In any case, the details of the trip in the mountains and had been in the article entitled "Lost World." You may link to this site below.

After climbing, flew to a small Indian village of Canaima, what is the point we start from an expedition up the river to Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world. Canaima is very small and has many beautiful waterfalls of them, and want to see on a boat by the local Indians of Venezuela, as you can. Water has a very red color and texture to it, and that tannic acid in it due to lack of oxygen in the mountains. Because of the dense forest, rotting vegetation and every turn, with all the water of oxygen that is used fairly quickly, and color. A great advantage of having lice can not participate, and we have no problem with them all the way to the river!

The next morning we took the boat ride upriver from the local Indians. This trip was very exciting to play in some places. We stopped for lunch, and none of us think that when our baby came, but it was too late. Indigenous fruit punch for us, straight red water in the river! There are no filters or anything ... I've never been sick, so I think that water is good.

Ended near Angel Falls, and then turned the last bend of the river and we can see directly in front of us! What an incredible event really special. Angel Falls is the name of an American pilot who assisted in the years around 1930 and had engine problems and was forced to land at the falls tepui. He has a background and turns, but the flight was still on top, hidden in a tree in the forest! I think this is a bit "tired of using ...

We reached our base camp, an Indian 50-yard-long open house where he slept in the hammock in an open environment. No walls, only four poles and thatched hammock swings on the ceiling. We are not at all concerned about mosquitoes because the acidic water leather! This is amazing! I say today, sleeping in the hammock is the most comfortable bed I've ever had ... If you've never tried, try! I'm sure you feel the same. Surprisingly, only a week before our arrival, the great flood swept through the reception center in which we live, and support of some that only depends on the amount of air connected to the ground below. With adventure travel, just to cope sometimes!

We had a good night after a bath in the river, and the next day we began our long journey through the dense forest characterized by a large pool at the base of Angel Falls, the Indians knew. I can not tell you how dense forest crazy as that may make you feel after a few hours on foot when you start to feel very close and a little 'crowded as thick canopy above you. You can see the sun in everything that was so thick, and we are very happy to finally burst into the open hole and nothing, we can find. We had a blast there to swim, the fall, but unfortunately, faster, then the long drive to restart. This is a wonderful experience, but it really gives an idea of ​​what will stay there for a forest of life. Our guide was local and knew the area well, and walk barefoot to the final and only one in shorts. My guide, like figures from a book I read when I was younger, and I call the "Bomba the Jungle Boy."

Back at camp, we had a quiet night in our hammock, and then jumped into the boat for a leisurely trip back to Canaima. There appears to be quicker this time, and we had a great time! A Canaima, who chose for the night and our local drivers a little better than one of them invites us to their houses to see how they live. They live very badly, and not a lot of material goods, but I've seen a few bottles of hot sauce, which they did for their own use. They range in color from green to red, and I'm brave enough to get an idea of ​​their own. This is a five alarm fire hot! But ...

From there, our flight back to Caracas and the last group dinner at a nice local restaurant before continuing on their way back. If you have the opportunity, will serve this dish with a light mango ice cream Venezuela, I love you! Adventure travel is great, there are so many different things and experiences that can make or think outside the box for once ... Cuba at least once, remember, you might like! Have fun!

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