Saturday, May 21, 2011

Remote Dominican Waterfalls

Outside the hotel and in an unexpected adventure in the next vacation in the Dominican Republic. With white sandy beaches, spectacular mountains and rivers on land, the Dominican Republic offers many adventurous tourists who go to the luxury all-inclusive offers are concerned. With so many mountains and rivers, the fall of the Dominican Republic can be counted. Here are some:

* White Water Falls - Located in the outside lane in Jarabacoa White Water Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Dominican Republic. The cascading water fall F No. 55 in the storage basin 83 feet below. treasure trove of natural beauty is distance. Probably will not see many tourists or anyone else in the tank, except for local weekends. A four-wheel vehicle or a good pair of running shoes you get from the main road near Constanta.

* Salto del Limon - only accessible by foot or mules, Salto del Limon is the natural beauty of mountain scenery and a memorable occasion knee deep in Dominican culture to obtain. local drivers who survive from tourism can help reduce one of the many ways of Samana. It is common for residents and tourists to find a good diving jumping from various parts of the waterfall, too.

* Jimenoa Jump - One of the most visited waterfalls Dominican Jimenoa Falls and can be accessed from Jarabacoa. In Jimeno, you will see a series of roads and bridges necessary to achieve the fall. You can see tourists and residents falling and falling, which means it can handle the image of the waterfall.

No matter where you live in the Dominican Republic, was in the range of some foreign adventures. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic and will not be sorry you did.

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