Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waterfalls in the Caribbean

There's something about a waterfall that seems to attract us. Maybe it's the water in the next scene, or maybe it's the violence of that country. Americans believe that the power of the waterfalls too old is God. Or maybe it's just that we tend to fall because of the freshness fills the air around the falls. Whatever it is, is another attraction of the falls and the Caribbean has its fair share of waterfalls, inspirational force Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, small waterfall, where you can just slide into the flow and feel of Seal shoulders and back.

Granada mountain scenery and pristine environment has several waterfalls. Wherever you are in Granada, near a waterfall. Concord Falls is a waterfall, which is relatively close to the capital of Grenada, St. George, about 45 minutes by car. This road is part of the island and pass through green areas with green clad hills. Falls are easy to find because there is a large sign on the link from the main road to the waterfall. From the main road to the waterfall is about 3 km and takes about 5 minutes to arrive. Waterfall in the mountains and make it difficult to see most of the waterfall with towering peaks above you. Sources tropical waterfall growth in rich soil, with huge stands of bamboo, nutmeg tree and climb up the hill between pomerac mango, grapefruit, avocados and bananas are scattered around the hill. For the more adventurous there really is a great waterfall, which is about 45 minutes walk to the first waterfall. Au Coin Aka, this waterfall is always greater with a pool. A waterfall in the valley on Tuesday "Concorde" is Fontainebleau, 65-foot cliffs that cascade into a lake of clear water and about 2 hours hiking in the mountains.

Dominica is the true nature of the "Caribbean island of virgin natural landscapes and numerous waterfalls. One of the most famous waterfalls of Dominica is called Three Rivers Falls, and was obtained after a half hour walk from 3 Rivers. The road is nice and easy, and also includes a small river running and walking. You can swim in an ice bath and 100 feet high at the sound of her screams echo around. The water droplets that make up a large tree near the confluence of three rivers. Tourists can enjoy maximum of seven (7) increase in time to the waterfall. The trail starts Casgory beautiful villages, near La Plaine and go through the woods to get to three drops water lakes and some stunning natural beauty. There is a local legend that there was a mermaid in the pool.

Santa Lucia, it seems that the waterfall, wherever you go. Not only are the Falls of St. Lucia, but the diversity of the cascade of cold water, hot water, even hot water, a waterfall. The most visited waterfall in St. Lucia is located in the town of Soufriere Diamond Falls. Here in the lush tropical gardens are maintained, full of colorful flowers, water falls from a height of 45 feet, loaded with minerals from groundwater. While bathing in the waterfall is not allowed, near the waterfall hot tub where it says to remove the pains of old and young again. For those who want to combine the look with strong tourist and then cascades EnBas South Falls will fill your passion. Getting to the falls takes two hours walking along the track 4 km through rain forests and cloud forests. At the base of the waterfall, you will be greeted by the sight of two floors and down the pool.

Trinidad is a Caribbean island, there are many waterfalls. One of the waterfalls that people often ask maracas cascade. Part of the curiosity about fall is the mistaken belief that the waterfall is the beach of maracas. Maracas Waterfall, which is less than 91.5 m. height, which is a great scene in the valley of San Jose Maracas. Of traffic parking area is 2.4 km. the waterfall. The trip to the waterfall is hard to take a walk along a wide, arranged on both sides with balata tree. After 15 minutes, a subsidiary of the track and the track to the right leads to a cascade, which includes three levels of small waterfalls, two swimming pools suitable for swimming. A 20 minute walk to the main waterfall. There is a pool at the base of the waterfall. Waterfalls popular with tourists in Trinidad last week the name of Rio Seco. The trail winds through the tree-lined streets in the north east coast of Mora strictly with waterfalls and pools of emerald green. River Basin, on the banks of a tributary of the Rio Seco sources of sulfur.

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